Era Swap is a decentralized utility token


Era Swap is a decentralized utility token

Token Economics

Era Swap Token (ES) economics is very carefully crafted to benefit all the community members of the ecosystem to influence demand, supply and valuation of Era Swap token. Era Swap token has an inbuilt deflation and a strong burning rule coded in the smart contract which can not be altered.

Deflation Method

The value of any token is a function of demand and supply. Though there cannot be any guarantees about future value of tokens, we have designed our ecosystem so that each and every stakeholder benefits from it.  The Supply of Era Swap token reduces by 10% every year from the previous year supply which will create scarcity. TimeAlly DApp controls the supply distribution using smart contract to measure the token burn. Era Swap Ecosystem creates demand & TimeAlly keep the volatility in check.

Token Release

All new tokens from Newly Released Token (NRT) will be released through TimeAlly DApp as per the distribution chart.

TimeAlly is a Decentralized App (DApp) which is based on pre-defined set of rules using Smart Contracts to offers multiple benefits to users, governs the generation & distribution of ES Newly released Token. All the rewards from ES NRT will be given in following formats:

  • TimeAlly 1 Life 1 Time - 50% ES Stakes and 50% ES Liquid
  • TimeAlly PET & TSGAP - 33.33% ES Stakes, 33.33% ES Prepaid (Liquid Transferable Stakes) & 33.33% ES Liquid
  • Era Swap Network - 100% ES Prepaid (Liquid Transferable Stakes)
  • Day Swappers Tree - 50% ES Stakes and 50% ES Liquid
  • TimeAlly Club - 100% ES Liquid
  • Power Tokens - 50% ES Stakes and 50% ES Prepaid (Liquid Transferable Stakes)


Era Swap Tokenomics has a strong burning rule which reduces the total supply and helps in deflating the inflation. Tokens will be burned under these circumstances:

  • 10% of KYC - KYC for listing is KYC Fuel 31.5 (year 3 NRT) ES for Vendors/Service Providers, applicable on all platforms, which keeps decreasing by 10% every year
  • 10% of TFC collected from ESE Platforms
  • When a borrower defaults to repay Loan and interest Amount of TimeAlly 1 Life TIme Loan (balance tokens burn in TimeAlly Staking)
  • Unused Power Tokens (On the 30th Day of NRT month)
  • Unrewarded Tokens from ES NRT

To reduce the disruption, burning of the number of tokens in any given month will never exceed 2% of the circulating supply for that month. In case there is a balance of tokens to be burnt, it will be carried forwarded to the next month and so on till the number to accumulated tokens are burnt.


The rewards generated from NRT are based on the total TFC generated from exchange of services on multiple platforms of ESE. The leftover tokens which were allocated to be distributed, however couldn’t be rewarded due to deficit in TFC generation are called unrewarded tokens. The Unrewarded tokens will be burnt every NRT month


Workpool is the pool of tokens which is allocated for the community members. Although 30% of the NRT is allocated for Workpool (refer to NRT Distribution Chart), however to control the inflation in the ecosystem, the token distribution will be directly proportional to the TFC generated from various platforms in Era Swap ecosystem (ESE). The remaining unrewarded tokens will be burnt every NRT Month.


Era Swap places the benefits of the community at highest priority. So, Luck Pool was created. It is a pool of tokens which are collected from the below sources:

  • The revenue generated through the standard advertisement plans
  • Interest paid by the borrower for TimeAlly 1 Life Time Loan
  • 10% of Platform Fuel Charge (TFC) Collected

Luck Pool is merged with the Newly Released Tokens Pool and will be distributed as per the NRT Distribution. Therefore, the additional revenue generated from the ecosystem, is given back to community members of the ecosystem

Charity Pool

Sellers/Vendors will pay 31.5 Era Swap (ES) tokens for KYC listing on multiple peer to peer utility platforms of Era Swap ecosystem. Out of this, 10%, which is 3.1 Era Swap (ES) tokens will go to charity pool where the charity beneficiary is decided by the community voting. Also, 10% of the TFC goes to charity pool.