Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Era Swap DAO

Era Swap Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is governed by a set of software rules enacted by Smart Contracts on Blockchain.

In Era Swap DAO there is no centralized legal entity and no employment contracts. All the stakeholders of the Era Swap DAO are aligned & designed by set rules for Era Swap rewards allocation. All records & rules are maintained securely on ESN. Era Swap DAOs use Consensus mechanisms to align the interests of the organization with the interests of its stake holder through voting mechanism where stake holders can vote in DAO to reach 66% consensus to take certain decisions depending on how much ES stakes they hold in TimeAlly.

3 Key Drivers Of Era Swap

3 Key Drivers Of Era Swap


Era Swap Token

Era Swap Token is a decentralized utility token that allows token holders for P2P exchange using smart contracts within Era Swap decentralized economy. Era Swap Token is an indigenous...


Era Swap Ecosystem (ESE)

Era Swap Ecosystem is a decentralized ecosystem made on Web 3.0 that eradicate the need to involve a mutually acceptable third party for peer to peer exchanges using feasible Era Swap Blockchain Network(ESN)....


Era Swap Network (ESN)

Era Swap Network is a decentralized blockchain network that allows multiple cloud computing users to enter a loosely coupled P2P smart contract to mine Era Swap Tokens....

Era Swap Network is a Blockchain Network

Introduction to Era Swap Network

Era Swap Network (ESN) aims to solve the problems (mentioned in ESN Abstract) faced by Era Swap Ecosystem users by building a Proof of Stake Consensus Protocol (PoS CP) based side-blockchain on top of Ethereum blockchain using the Plasma Framework.

Era Swap Network leverages the Decentralization and Security of Ethereum and the Scalability achieved in the side-chain, which solves the distributed blockchain trilema for Era Swap Ecosystem.

Currently, Etherem can do roughly 15 to 20 transactions per second and all the smart contracts including Era Swap DApps that are deployed on Ethereum manage to work with it. While in Era Swap Network, as per ESN Testnet, there could be 500 transactions in every 5 seconds at 98% lower costs as compared with Ethereum Blockchain when maxed out. This gives a huge room for transactions (over 10 million per day) which is advantageous for Era Swap Ecosystem and its users. In future, whenever Era Swap Ecosystem requires more capacity, it can be achieved using sharding.

Era Swap Network consists of Bunches of Blocks of Era Swap Ecosystem Transactions. A miner in ESN produces blocks, and collection of these blocks are selected and a merkle tree is created. The root of the merkle tree is submitted to the ESN Plasma Smart Contract on Ethereum mainnet. This way, all the transactions happening on Era Swap Network are fingerprinted to the Ethereum chain.

Era Swap is a decentralized utility token

Token Economics

Era Swap Token (ES) economics is very carefully crafted to benefit all the community members of the ecosystem to influence demand, supply and valuation of Era Swap token. Era Swap token has an inbuilt deflation and a strong burning rule coded in the smart contract which cannot be altered.



Era Swap Tokenomics has a strong burning rule which reduces the total supply and helps in deflating the inflation. Tokens will be burned under these circumstances:

  • 10% of KYC - KYC for listing is KYC Fuel 31.5 (year 3 NRT) ES for Vendors/Service Providers,....

Unrewarded tokens

The rewards generated from NRT are based on the total TFC generated from exchange of services on multiple platforms of ESE. The leftover tokens which were allocated to be distributed, however couldn’t be rewarded due to deficit in TFC generation are called unrewarded tokens. The Unrewarded tokens will be burnt......


Token Release

All new tokens from Newly Released Token (NRT) will be released through TimeAlly DApp as per the distribution chart.

TimeAlly is a Decentralized App (DApp) which is based on pre-defined set of rules using Smart Contracts to offers multiple benefits to users......

Era Swap Ecosystem is a decentralized ecosystem.


Era Swap has several moving parts in its ecosystem that are designed to turn its vision into reality over a period of time. Era Swap Team focuses on intra-ecosystem forces to stabilize the ecosystem by creating the utility and consumption. Era Swap has carefully planned to address different aspects of the ecosystem such as growing demand, reducing the volatility, providing multiple options to use Era Swap, reducing cost for exchanging services and incentives for all the users of the ecosystem based on their contribution on multiple platforms.

Era Swap offers several advantages for the users

Era Swap Advantage

Era Swap Roadmap

Our Road Map


March 2018

- Whitepaper Creation - Eraswap Utility Token

September 2018

- Era Swap Ecosystem Development Starts

October 2018

- Blocklogy V.1 Content Ready

November 2018

- Buzcafe Pre Listing


January 2019

- TimeAlly DApp Audit

February 2019

- BetDeex DApp Audit

July 2019

- TimeAlly DApp Live

August 2019

- BetDeex DApp Live - Day Swappers α Live

September 2019

- Era Swap Life

October 2019

- Era Swap listed on Probit Global Exchange - TimeAlly Super Goal Achiever Plan (TSGAP)

November 2019

- Era Swap Academy - Build in blockchain Meet 1 & 2 - Value Of Farmers(VOF) White Paper

December 2019

- Swappers Wall α - Buzcafe α - Build In Blockchain Meetup 3


January 2020

- TimeAlly Personal Era Swap Teller(PET)

February 2020

- CertiDapp - Featured on Coin Market Cap

March 2020

- 1DAAP α - Time Swappers Web α

April 2020

- Buy ES with Credit Card α - Time Swappers Mobile App - Era Swap Academy α

May 2020

- KYC DApp - Era Swap Network -Test Net - Buy ES with Credit Card β - Era Swap Academy - Mobile app α

June 2020

- ComputeEx α - VOF Mobile App UI - Poolin DApp Mobile App

July 2020

- Gurantor Plan - TimeAlly Loan - ESN MainNet -ES To ESN Swap Event - Migration To ESN - ESN POS CP Protocol

September 2020

- Date Swappers Mobile App - Charity DApp α - Booking DApp - Mobile App - Faith Minus Alpha α - Coupon DApp β

October 2020

- Cure DApp - Doctors Appointments α - VOF α - Cure DApp - Fitness Tracker α - Poolin DApp alpha α

November 2020

- Recycling DApp - Alpha α - Booking DApp α - Renting DApp Mobile App - Renting DApp alpha α

December 2020

- Cure DApp - Doctors Appointments - Mobile App - Cure DApp - Fitness Tracker - Mobile App

January 2021

- 1 DAPP β
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Era Swap Partners

Our Partners

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